Give me a body of pearl and ice. My skin —

it is snow; my blood —

fire. Many years later I

finally close my eyes to

to my brain of stone and sand

my past lies there buried My

skull: blackened charcol.

Crows’ve eaten my lips: their beaks gaping, wide.


Give me a heart of gold, a spirit of air.

In dreams I love to die. live and die:

maybe it’s just another lie. And I

wake up in the middle of the night.

My future: bends and winds. A

foggy path; divides, divides.


Give me a soul of darkness and a cave to reside.

but my name, my name —



Evoke your ancient, echoing desire.

With silver gates, enclose virginity.

Disturb the slumbering of harmony

And wait. Until temptations all transpire.

Exhort to pluck the petal you admire

With logic. Justify her dignity.

Describe, define, her open symmetry

In pen: creations you will now acquire.


But still– refuse to write her name in verse.

Engrave her body, not her soul. Through shame

Present her pain as moral sacrifice.

Explain your statement, watch her figure merge

With paper. Scorn the thought that she is sane.

Deny. The attic creaks, you won’t reply.



The door is closed, I yank it open –

GABA, dopamine, serotonin,

All come forward, I am inside.


The screen flashes, a party in my brain.

Hissing fireworks, exploded flowers bloom

On the screen, is anyone watching?

Stop the buzzing snarling whining howling –

Sit right, hold tight, another one is coming!

I could stay up and dance all night, while my soul sits

In the backrow. Red light tumbles down

A barren face. She chooses to be blind


Until two weeks go by, and the screen turns black.

Strapped, alone, my soul

Opens her eyes, and stares into sorrow.

Abide uttered sighs from bewildered shadows nearby.

A thousand memories come forth, switch on

The other show. With tears, with dread, comply.

Revived, phantoms come out

To dance, in the gloomy hall.


(bipolar disorder)



The first project I will present on Medium is this poetry project about diseases and disorders of the nervous system, and neuropsycholopharmacology. This project is inspired by the two neuroscience classes I took this semester. These classes was organized in units, each lecture introducing one disease/disorder/nervous system drug.

Therefore, my project will consist of poems that each describe symptoms or feelings or underlying causes for each disease/disorder/nervous system drug. Learning about them had been very enjoyable, so I hope that these poems will also be interesting to read. (Note: These poems are solely based on what I learned in class, I did not try any of the drugs!!!)